Grade Center Display Error

If you are greeted by the following error:

TypeError: a.gpid is undefined

You will need to complete the following steps to restore your Grade Center:

  1. Click on MANAGE at the top of the Grade Center
  3. Move one column to a new location (order) within your grade center and click SUBMIT.

Your Grade Center should now display normally!

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Turnitin Error Regarding Email Addresses

Turnitin requires that all users have an email address in their MyClasses profile in order to submit assignments. If the following error is displayed, it signifies that an email address is missing from the user’s profile.

Blackboard Integration Warning Error: 2110 We only allow email addresses with 5-75 characters.” Currently I am trying to submit an assignment for my Molecular Genetics BIOL 370 class. To get to the turnitin you look under Lab>TMV:GFP>TMV:GFP”

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Decimals in GradeMark?

Currently, GradeMark only accepts number grades that are whole numbers. Errors can occur if a grade containing a decimal is entered. If you need to use decimals, you should enter the grades manually through the MyClasses Grade Center.

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Error When Grading Group Journals

Faculty who use group journals are experiencing the following error:

“There was an error saving the grade for this user. Please try again later.”


In order to grade the journal, faculty need to:

  1. Click on Grade Center
  2. Choose Full Grade Center
  3. Navigate to the column in the Grade Center that houses the journal
  4. Hover your mouse over the icon for “needs grading” and click the actionlink
  5. Choose Grade User Activity
  6. Grade as Normal

We will update faculty when functionality returns to grading directly within the group area.

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Group Collaboration

When creating groups in MyClasses, we advise all faculty members to NOT enable the Collaboration tool. It is currently not functioning and Blackboard plans to fix this issue in SP12, which is due to be released in April 2013. ID&D will upgrade to this new release sometime following the Spring 13 semester. In the meantime, faculty are advised to use the Collaboration tool within the COURSE TOOLS area of the course. Faculty can create individual rooms for groups in this area. Please contact your Instructional Design liaison for support!

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Grade Center – Needs Grading Error

Problem:  When an instructor selects the Need Grading link receives an error similar to:

“An error occurred.  Please contact the System Administrator.”

Diagnosis: A column in the grade center generated by an online graded activity (i.e. assignment) that does not have a category assigned and there are submissions that need grading in that column, the Needs Grading link will display the above error.

Status: Bb verified that this is a bug and is fixed in 9.1 Service Pack 8.

Work around: Edit the grade center column and change the category from “No Category” to a valid category.

Reference: LRN-33160, AS-163018, AS-16309

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Known Issues

If you are having technical problems in MyClasses, please check this list to see if there is a way to resolve your problem. We will be updating this site frequently, so please visit often!

Problem: Issues with Internet Explorer
Resolution:  Using Internet Explorer  with MyClasses can cause problems for students attempting to submit tests or use the file upload feature. To avoid these issues it is suggested to use Mozilla Firefox.

Problem: When attempting to download all attempts of an assignment, the system shows a HTTP Status 404 Error: 
Resolution: A special character (like # or % or [) is probably in the name of the Assignment.  Names should be kept simple, using only letters and numbers. Remove the # sign name of the Assignment in the Content Area.  Then go into the Grade Center and make sure it has been removed from there as well.

Problem:  Horizontal and/or vertical scroll bar is missing from the Grade Center
Resolution: If the problem is in Firefox, click Ctrl and the plus or minus key until the scroll bars appear.

Problem: When grading with a rubric and you use in the in-line rubric, you can’t submit the completed rubric with the bottom submit button.
Resolution: Scroll to the top of the rubric and use the top submit button.

Problem: Course Menu is missing from the course.
Resolution: Click the small tab on the left side of the page with a right arrow on it. The sidebar will expand.

Problem: When copying and pasting text from Word or any other source into any text field in MyClasses, unusual tags or HTML code can be embedded within the content. This can cause problems with how the copied content displays, especially in the Discussion Board area.
Resolution: Do not copy and paste into MyClasses from Microsoft Word. You can use the new Paste From Word feature under the Mash-Up option inside the Text Editor toolbar.

Problem: Uploading a large file is causing MyClasses to show an Error.
Resolution: MyClasses only allows files (or a combination of files) up to 100MB in size to be uploaded.



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Welcome to ID&D’s New Blog

This blog will be used to communicate with faculty the “known issues” we are experiencing with MyClasses. As we find more items to share, they will be posted here.

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